Rationale skincare featured in Vogue

  • Posted
  • 1st April 2011

Rationale skincare

Vogue’s Beauty Editor, Sigourney Cantelo, on what’s hot…

“I’ve been testing out the Essential Six, a line of highly active products by cosmeceutical range Rationale Skincare. The blackheads on my nose have disappeared and my skin is more even textured and brighter. Could this be the secret to an immaculate complexion?”

Rationale is an Australian made skin care range established 15 years ago and is fast becoming Australia’s leading medical skincare range.

Rationale’s philosophy is simple: make use of the purest medical-grade ingredients to help prevent and alleviate skin ageing, sun damage, pigmentation and acne. 

Contact us to find out what all the fuss is about. 

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