The Clinic

We are a dermatology clinic specialising in procedural dermatology.  We are fortunate to have medical staff who have the highest possible qualifications and training in skin treatment in Australia. Our primary goal and philosophy is to provide the highest possible standard of dermatological care for our patients.

Dermatologists are the most highly trained medical specialists in skin lasers, fillers, muscle-relaxing injections, and in fact these procedures were developed by dermatologists in conjunction with scientists. Dermatologists are also the most highly trained specialists in detection and treatment of skin cancer. Mohs micrographic surgery which is offered through our clinic is the gold-standard and most precise treatment for excision of skin cancers on the face.

Because of our specialised services we have a high national profile, providing treatments for many regional, inter-state and international patients.

We apologise that, at times, our waiting lists are long, however we endeavour to give priority to urgent cases such as certain skin cancers and suspected skin cancers.

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