Photo-Fraxional (combined Fraxel Re:store + dual-filter IPL)

What Is Photo-Fraxional laser?

Photo-Fraxional laser is the latest advance in skin lasers. For most skin types it is the most effective skin rejuvenating laser treatment available and already is our most popular laser procedure. It combines the worlds two leading laser and light treatments namely Fraxel Re:store laser and dual filter IPL performed together on the same day. The advantages are that the result are equal to, or greater than, three treatments with IPL or Fraxel alone, yet the safety and minimal downtime are similar to having a single IPL or Fraxel.

Who is best suited to Photo-Fraxional laser?

Almost anyone can benefit from Photo-Fraxional laser. In particular, anyone with sun-damage, especially pigmentation, and non-tanned skin is an ideal candidate. Fairer skin is somewhat more suited than darker skin types. This combination treatment targets all the most common skin issues including pigmentation, capillaries and redness, skin laxity, uneven texture, and scars.

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