What is dual-filter IPL (intense pulsed light)?

IPL is similar to laser in that it delivers specifically tar-geted light energy to the skin. The light energy is taken up by specific parts of the skin (for example only red vessels), heating them to remove them. Lasers have only one very specific wavelength of light whereas IPL has a range of wavelengths. This is often an advantage as it can treat multiple elements (eg red vessels and brown age spots) a the same time.

What makes the Ellipse Flex I2PL system different to, and safer than, other IPL systems currently available?

Intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment has been available in Australia for many years and has been used to treat sun damaged skin, pigmentation, vascular blemishes, broken capillaries and unwanted hair. IPL technology continues to evolve and treatment outcomes have improved significantly over recent years. The latest ‘second generation’ (I2PL) technology employs dual-mode filtering. This eliminates those wavelengths of light which are most likely to burn the skin with conventional first generation IPL treatment, well before they approach the skin. As a result of this important modification, treatment discomfort is reduced and the risk of cutaneous burns (the cause of blistering and potential scarring) is markedly reduced. By eliminating these wavelengths, I2PL technology is able to more specifically deliver therapeutic energy to targeted structures within the skin. The Ellipse Flex I2PL system additionally en-ables the doctor to tailor and individualise your I2PL ‘dose’ to specifically target unwanted structures; thereby optimising safety and efficacy.

What conditions can be treated with dual-filter IPL?

The dual-filter IPL is ideal for treating redness and vascular lesions such as, broken capillaries, spider veins, vascular birth-marks, rosacea, flushing, and general facial redness. It is also excellent for treating flat brown lesions on the skin such as actinic lentigines (‘age spots’), freckles, and mottled pigmentation. This treatment also gives an improved surface of the skin. Typically the entire face is treated and we term this procedure ‘photo-rejuvenation’. The Ellipse Flex IPL can also effectively remove unwanted hair.

What does the treatment involve?

No special preparation time is required. No products that sensitise the skin to light such as prescribed vitamin A or tetracy-cline-type antibiotics should be used for 5 days prior to an IPL treatment. The skin should be clean and free of skin prod-ucts. A cold gel is applied to the skin and the eyes are covered. The IPL consists of very bright flashes of light which of-ten startle patients at first. There may be a sensation like an elastic band flick felt in sensitive areas. Afterwards the skin is red similar to a mild sunburn and perhaps slightly puffy. This usually settles by the next day. Many red vessels may have disappeared instantly. Brown spots and freckles will often darken significantly before flaking away over a few days.

How Soon Will I See Results?

While red vessel often disappear immediately we usually judge the effect of the treatment at 4 weeks. This is also the interval most commonly used before repeat treatments which are often recommended for maximum results.

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