Treatment For Men

What treatments are available for men?

Most of the popular skin rejuvenation treatments are suitable for men. Some modifications are required to maintain a masculine appearance.  Treatments suitable and beneficial for men include muscle-relaxing/anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, facial laser rejuvenation treatments, and hair-removal laser.

Do men benefit from cosmetic treatment as much as women?

In Australia, in general male skin is more sun-damaged than female skin.  Hence there is generally greater scope for improvement in treating male skin with skin rejuvenation lasers.  Men tend to have stronger facial muscles and hence develop lines and wrinkles earlier than women.  Therefore the effect of removing or reducing these with muscle-relaxing injections in men is usually more profound. 

How can I ensure that I do not appear less masculine?

It is important that your practioner understands facial anatomy well so that the typical masculine facial features such as minimally arching brow, angular jawline, and flat mid-face profile are preserved and enhanced.

Are muscle-relaxing injection treatments different for men?

In general men have stronger facial muscles and require up to 25% more muscle-relaxing product injected to acheive the same reduction in facial wrinkles as woemen. Muscle-relaxing injections can significantly elevate and alter the shape of the eyebrows.  It is important to keep the eyebrow arch relatively flat to maintain a masculine brow.  This is achieved by careful placement of injections by a knowledgeable and experienced practitioner.

How can laser treatments benefit men’s skin?

In general male skin tend to be more sun-damaged than female skin.  This may be due to men tending to spend more work and leisure time outdoors than women.  It may be due also to the fact that women tend to be more vigilant regarding sun protection when outdoors. Hence the features of sun damage such as pigmentation, capillaries, and coarse texture, are often more prominent in men.  These are the issues that modern skin lasers are highly effective in clearing.  

Are fillers suitable for men?

Men loose volume from their faces with age, just as women do, so of course replacing the lost volume has a rejuvenating effect.  Men can benefit from placement of filler in the common areas including cheeks, chin, jawline, cheeks, nasolabial folds, and lips.   The use of filler should be subtle and diffuse to maintain a masculine appearance. 

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