What is Mohs micrographic surgery?

Mohs surgery is the gold-standard and most precise technique available for removal of most skin cancers and has the highest cure rate (98-99%). It is especially suited to treating BCC’s on the face where it is critical to remove the minimum amount of tissue for cosmetic and functional reasons, and to ensure no tumour is left behind. Essentially, it is a technique that allows the surgeon to test the edges of the excision on the day of the surgery, while you wait. It allows the surgeon to remove only a very narrow margin of normal skin around the tumour and to remove further skin if the edges are found to be not clear of tumour.

Mohs micrographic surgery was named after its inventor, Dr Frederick Mohs, an American dermatologist and surgeon. A Mohs surgeon requires many years of medical and specialised training and, as such there is currently a great shortage of Mohs surgeons in Australia.

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