*Unfortunately due to time-constraints we are not able to offer hair removal treatments at present*

What causes excess/unwanted hair?

Genetics largely determines the degree and type of hair growth. Occasionally hormonal imbalances such as in polycystic ovary syndrome, and medications can increase hair growth.

IPL/laser hair removal

This technique is the best solution for most patients. It delivers light energy, converted to heat, to the hair follicle, destroying it, while leaving the surround skin relatively unaffected. The ideal skin/hair combination is fair skin with dark hair. If the hair is fair, or the skin is dark or tanned, the laser cannot tell the difference between skin and hair and the risk of a skin burn increases. Typically 2 to 6 treatments are required to clear the hair and then a maintenance treatment each 4 to 12 months is required. The response is quite variable with some patients experiencing 90% permanent hair removal after 1-2 treatment while others experience only a marked slowing of the hair regrowth and minimal permanent hair removal.

Medical treatments

If there is a hormonal imbalance then a medication that alters the hormonal profile in the body may be prescribed. These are only appropriate for women. Some of these medications are types of contraceptive pills.

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