Photo-Fraxional Peel

Photo-Fraxional Peel (combined Fraxel Peel + dual-filter IPL)

What Is the Photo-Fraxional Peel laser?

The Photo-Fraxional Peel treatment is one of the latest advances in skin lasers. It combines the Fraxel Peel laser and dual filter IPL performed together on the same day. It results in a very controlled and superficial peel of the skin, lifting pigmentation and improving skin texture. The results seen are significantly greater than those seen with either the Fraxel peel of IPL alone. Like the Fraxel Peel and IPL it is a very safe procedure.

Who is best suited to Photo-Fraxional laser?

The Photo-Fraxional Peel is especially suited to patients with sun damage manifest as pigmentation and capillaries. The IPL component targets capil-laries and redness whereas both the IPL and the Fraxel Peel target surface pigmentation.

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