Fraxel Dual (combined Fraxel Re:store + Fraxel Peel)

What Is the Fraxel Dual laser?

The Fraxel Dual system is the latest addition to the Fraxel family of lasers.  It comprises the Fraxel Re:store and the Fraxel Peel lasers in a single system. Like the Photo-Fraxional and Photo-Fraxional Peel lasers, it is a combination treatment involving the use of two lasers in a single treatment session.  The combined use of the two lasers in a single session is termed Fraxel Dual.  It allows treatment of both superficial and deep components of the skin. Like all the Fraxel lasers, it is a very safe procedure.

Who is best suited to the Fraxel Peel laser?

The Fraxel Dual laser is especially suited to patients with facial sun damage affecting both deep and superficial layers of the skin.  It may be considered for similar skin issues as the Photo-Fraxional and the Photo-Fraxional Peel lasers.  The Fraxel Dual is generally favoured for darker skin or tanned patients whereas the Photo-Fraxional combination lasers are favoured in fairer to medium and non-tanned skin types.

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