Overview of laser services available

At Sydney Specialist Dermatology, we specialise in laser treatments, and as experts in this field, we have chosen the most advanced, effective, and safest laser devices to treat our patients.  We particularly specialise in combination laser treatments, which are the latest advance in skin lasers.

  • Photo-Fraxional

    This combination laser treatment is our most popular treatment. Results are dramatic and downtime is minimal.

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  • Photo-Fraxional Peel

    This is one of the latest combination treatments and gives a dramatic improvement in surface irregularities in a single treatment.

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  • Fraxel Re:store

    This is the one of the world's most popular single laser treatments. It targets, fine lines, acne scars, pigmentation and sun-damage.

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  • Fraxel Peel

    This is a newer addition to the Fraxel family. It uses the same technology as the Fraxel Re:store, but here the treatment is more superficial.

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  • Fraxel Dual

    This treatment combines the use of Fraxel Re:store and Fraxel Dual in a single session.

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  • Dual-filter IPL

    This is the world’s leading intense pulse light (IPL) machine. It has more power with greater safety than other IPL devices.

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  • Photodynamic IPL

    This treatment combines the use of a special activating cream for one to three hours prior to a dual-filter IPL treatment for added activity against pre-cancerous sun-spots.

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  • Hair Removal

    With the use of the Zimmer cooling device where chilled air is blown over the skin, the treatments are comfortable and quick.

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