• Posted
  • 2nd April 2011

A bit about IPL…

At Sydney Specialist Dermatology, we are fortunate to have the world’s leading and most advanced intense pulsed light device, the Ellipse Flex dual-filter I²PL.  There is a huge variation in the devices that come under the umbrella term of ‘IPL’.  They vary greatly in power, safety, adjustability, and cost. The major distinguishing feature of the Ellipse Flex is the fact that it employs dual light filters (eliminating unwanted light at the high and low end of the spectrum) rather than the standard one (at the low end of the spectrum).  This important difference is reponsible for the Ellipse Flex’s superior precision and safety profile.  Cheaper IPL devices cannot acheive results as great and have a much higher risk of skin burns and ‘stamp’ marks on the skin.  Of course the most important determinant of IPL safety is the practioner performing the treatment.  Many other clinics employ non-medical staff to perform treatments, however at Sydney Specialist Dermatology, all treatments are performed by our highly qualified and experienced doctors.

The Ellipse Flex IPL is an excellent option for treating redness, capillaries, pigmentation, and obtaining a rejuvenation effect.  It is most suited to treatments on the face, but also very effective for treatments on the neck, chest and limbs.  While we have stronger treatments such as Fraxel and combination IPL+Fraxel treatments, IPL alone is an excellent, less expensive alternative with less downtime.  Treatments require no preparation, no anaesthetic, and often have no noticable downtime.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this treatment or any of our treatments at Sydney Specialist Dermatology.

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