Conditions and Treatments

Vessels and Redness

What causes vessels and redness?

Sun exposure and the skin condition, rosacea, are common causes of redness and vessels on the face. The persistent redness that can occur on the ‘V’ of the chest and lateral neck especially in women is termed ‘poikiloderma of Civatte’. Some people are simply born with the tendency to have facial redness and easy flushing. Individual red spots, called angiomas, usually occur for no known reason.¬† Some scars leave surrounding redness and vessels.

Dual-filter IPL
This is our most specific treatment for redness and vessels. Yellow light is specifically taken up by the colour red and in this way the vessels are heat-sealed while leaving the surrounding skin alone.

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Fraxel Re:store
The Fraxel Re:store rejuvenates all of the skin and does not specifically target vessels. Despite this, it is often very effective in reducing redness. Your doctor may recommend Fraxel treatment for redness especially if it has failed to respond adequately to dual-filter IPL or if there are other skin problems that would also benefit from Fraxel laser such as pigmentation, poor texture, pre-cancerous sun-spots, or scars.

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Photo-Fraxional Combination treatment
The Photo-Fraxional treatment consists of the use of both the IPL and the Fraxel Re:store at the same time. Because both components target vessels, the Photo-Fraxional is even more effective in treating redness and vessels.

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Oral medication
For patients whose redness and capillaries is at least partly due to the dermatological condition, rosacea, the use of oral antibiotics or medical grade vitamin A can be an important part of treatment.

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